8 Decimal Capital is a venture capital with a focus of providing high returns to our investors while positively contributing to society. Our vision is to bring value to world through the investments we make. This is done by finding global founders that want to change the world and supporting them, combining capital, intelligence, strategy and resources to help our portfolio companies reach success. Whether cross-border expansion or fundraising, 8 Decimal Capital has a full suite of services to boost our portfolio companies.

In our long term vision, we plan to bring blockchain to the mainstream by using critical thinking to capture the next unicorns. We believe, in 10 years, every valuable asset, currencies and payments, and then legal will all be on-chain. As a result, this will create a new financial system where companies can operate in a more efficient manner. Additionally, this on-chain movement will have a profound impact on society. Blockchain technology can help the lives of the over 1.7 billion unbanked people in the world.


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Yubo Ruan

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8 Decimal focuses on investing in foundation chains and middle layer companies, including public chains, storage, sharding, communication, consortium blockchains, stable cryptocurrencies, cross-chain communication and decentralized exchanges. Meanwhile, we strive to invest in a blockchain ecosystem that includes exchanges, clearing houses, trusts, media, information platforms, data analysts, digital wallets and more.

Investment Areas

  • Security TokensSecurity Tokens
  • Security TokensRegTech
  • Payment and StablecoinsPayment and Stablecoins
  • Institutional Trading ToolsInstitutional Trading Tools
  • dAppsdApps
  • Protocol LayerProtocol Layer
  • Infrastructure LayerInfrastructure Layer

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