Unique Advantages

1. Cross-Border Focus

The business sphere is becoming increasingly global. We use our mindset centered around globalization to make strategic investments and assist the growth of portfolio companies.

2. Strong Track Record

8 Decimal has become a thought-leader in the blockchain space and has been ranked among the top crypto VC funds in China.

3. Exclusive Deal Sources

With powerful global connections and partnerships, we are able to gain access to the top companies in the blockchain space and provide our portfolio companies with the best opportunities.

4. Financial Advisory Services

Our Advisory division provides our portfolio companies with the services needed to fundraise and grow their business, using a network of global partners and industry expertise.

Media and Influencer

Our strong influence in the global market is reinforced through close collaborations with influencers and communities across the world.

Fund and University

We are based in San Francisco, and have partners in Beijing and Hong Kong. Projects are sourced from top digital currency funds, tech outlets and university labs to ensure we are at the helm of innovation and emerging trends.